In the studio with Jenny Sennott

A while ago I had the opportunity to meet Jenny Sennott, a weaving instructor at Access Arts. And this is a short video from our meeting WATCH:

In the Studio with Jenny Sennott from Karen Rodriguez on Vimeo.


Charlie Cam PART 1…OH and we are BACK!

Greetings Artsy folks (and semi-artsy folks like me!),

I am proud to announce that I am reviving lets-be-ART-ticulate! WOOHOO ART! I will be posting something new every week on Fridays. First order of business for this week….

Charlie Cam from Karen Rodriguez on Vimeo.
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Flower Nanostructures created in a beaker

Introducing #Charlie Cam

To me the word art is very widely defined.
I believe full heartedly that art (instead of beauty) is in the eye of the beholder.

Last week I made a trailer for Vox Magazine for their fiction feature. As I edited the trailer, I realized this was my art. Video is my medium where I can be artistic.


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Looks like Andy Warhol isn’t finished

Big news in the art world this week. Lost Warhols have surfaced from a floppy disk.

After 30 years, the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh finally got the digital art pieces off the disk. Enjoy.


More on the story: Washington Post

Neat Find: Can animals make art?

Apparently elephants can…Watch.


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Technology & Art

When Google Glass was introduced it rattled the technology world and changed the game, suddenly wearable technology was on a verge of exploding.

It has now infiltrated the art world. Introducing David Datuna:

^Photo by KIWI Arts Group

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