Neat Find: Can animals make art?

Apparently elephants can…Watch.


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Technology & Art

When Google Glass was introduced it rattled the technology world and changed the game, suddenly wearable technology was on a verge of exploding.

It has now infiltrated the art world. Introducing David Datuna:

^Photo by KIWI Arts Group

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Women & Art


In the history of art women have been ignored.

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Neat Find: ART21

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.30.17 PM

Recently I took an unconventional drawing class. In the class our instructor had us focus on contemporary art. I realized, I didn’t know what that was.

What is contemporary art?

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Coming Soon: HOTTEA

ATTENTION: TRUE/FALSE Film Festival is almost here! And with this growing event comes art and music. Therefore, I have the pleasure to announce that HOTTEA will be doing a demonstration art piece during the festival.

Here is what it’s all about:

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Marni Gable Gallery Reception #Throughglass


Great way to use new technology artistically

Originally posted on RJI GLASS:

Reporting with Google Glass will have it’s ups and downs. Follow us as our capstone team tries to figure out how Google Glass can help journalists tell better stories. 

Our first time out in the field, we covered a gallery reception at the MSA/GPC Craft Studio. It is located on the University of Missouri campus and this week it was showing stoneware art by Marni Gable. Here is a video taken with Google Glass and edited with Final Cut Pro.

Right off the bat, you see the pros and cons with using Glass.

The first con was the audio quality, from this first experience you can hear voices merging in the background during the interview with the artist. A pro is the stable video and the point of view, to me it was like a game simulator.

Aside from some technical problems, like a short battery life, because Google Glass…

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Museum Review: Chicago

My recent travels lead me to Chicago and as an art lover, it was obligatory that I visit the Chicago Art Institute.

But lets be honest, Chicago it self is a piece of art. The high sky scrappers that make the Chicago skyline are breath taking.


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